All Inclusive Wedding Package 2020

We organize events for more than 10 years now. We have put together all the knowledge and expertise in event management and created an ALL INCLUSIVE WEDDING PACKAGE which includes:

-FOOD: a completely new menu with options starting from 165 lei/person

-BEVERAGE: unique package of 55 lei/person; Cocktail Bar is optional;

-DESSERT: wedding cake, wedding favors, fruit, pastry, Candy Bar-you name it, we have it all starting with 25 lei/person.

The ALL INCLUSIVE WEDDING PACKAGE features all decorations and you can add terrace arrangements for a garden lookalike photo-shoot.

The wedding can be organized in a few simple steps, if you have the right collaborations. For music or photo/video services, you are free to choose from our list of recommended vendors.

Discover now the ALL INCLUSIVE WEDDING PACKAGE 2020 starting with 245 lei/person! Ask for the offer e-mailing us at