The Hotel is located at only 5 km from the city center, close to the national highway E60. It is ideally placed in a beautiful natural landscape, near Faget Forest, with breathtaking views over Cluj-Napoca city.

The Hotel is located at the following distances from the most important touristic attractions:
• Faget Forest – 100 m
• Botanical garden – 3,5 km
• City Center – 4 km
• Feleac Ski – 6 km
• Iulius Mall – 9 km
• Polus Center – 10 km
• Airport –12 km

Făget Forest – Forrest Cluj-Napoca – distance: 0.5 km. It is located in the near proximity of Stil Hotel and represents the most popular area for the locals to relax, walk, ride the bike or have a picnic. The protected area is aprox. 10 ha and it preserves a variety of species and habitats.

Bothanical Garden „Alexandru Borza” – distance: 3 km – Republicii Street no.42. The Bothanical Garden represents a green oasis and it is opened all year round. It spreads on a surface of 14ha and exhibits over 10.000 species of plantsfrom  all over the world., like: ornamental plants, water plants, medical plants, palm trees. No matter, the scope, relaxation, educational or scientific, it is a must-see of Cluj-Napoca.

Feleacul Ski Slope distance: 6 km – Feleacul Hill. Feleacul Ski Slope provides cable car, artifical snow, ski rental equipment, beign able to ski at night. To get to Feleacul Ski Slope, you must drive on the Cluj-Turda DN9 national road, and turn right before reaching the Police Office Control on Feleacul Hill.