Tax identification details

    ANDRA COM INTERNATIONAL SERVICE SRL                         

    Reg. No.: J12/3725/1991
    Head office: 5B Făgetului Street, Cluj-Napoca
    Classification certificate number: 7183/5190

    We offer high standard accommodation services: contact Hotel Stil for more details

    We are at your disposal with quality services at affordable prices to spend a comfortable stay or to efficiently carry out your activities in Cluj-Napoca.

    If Cluj is your destination, then Hotel Stil is the place to stop. It opened its doors in 2004, when a simple idea to build a home for the family turned into a lifetime project. Whether you want to spend a comfortable stay in a hotel in Cluj-Napoca, or whether you want to plan an event such as a wedding or a christening, or celebrate a special occasion, Hotel Stil is at your disposal with quality services at competitive prices. Hotel Stil is already a traditional location and name with over a decade of excellence, experience and performance in the industry. Fill out the Hotel Stil contact form for a relaxing stay in the heart of nature.

    What is our mission?

    Since its inception, Hotel Stil has aimed to provide quality hospitality services at competitive prices. Dedication and attention to detail have shaped us as a team, ready to meet the guest and offer a familiar space to anyone who meets us. With a location in a wooded area, Hotel Stil offers a peaceful setting, designed to give you a moment to recharge your batteries, enjoying a secluded space away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you too would like to stay in a peaceful, fairytale setting, fill in the Hotel Stil contact form.

    What makes us different from others?

    The main thing that sets us apart from the competition is our reliability. We aim to be there for our customers from the first contact. Hotel Stil aims to consistently meet the expectations of tourists or business customers. We choose our suppliers carefully because we want to be known for quality, not quantity. Passion, energy, and daily dedication have formed long-lasting collaborations and relationships with both suppliers and customers. Depending on your requirements, we customize our services; we want the end result to reflect our professionalism and flexibility. Fill out the Hotel Stil contact form if you want to experience hospitality services of the highest quality.

    Any questions? Feel free to contact us by phone or by using the Hotel Stil contact form.
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