Hotel Stil welcomes guests since 2004, unveiling family’s initial plan to build a home that turned into a lifetime business project. Located in a peaceful natural oasis only 4 km from the city center of Cluj-Napoca, the strong commitment towards customers was fundamental to highly anticipated success! The Cistelecan couple has been involved in every decision at the company, from choosing the architecture of the construction to creating the restaurant menu. Furthermore, the couple’s shared values extended in the work environment where they built a strong foundation of trust for generations to come.
,,We are connected to the business in such a way that it allows us to grow and innovate. We create a one-to-one relationship with the customers so that they resonate with our vision and share with others the same warm treatment.”


Intimate and close to nature

Private venue for

4km away from center of Cluj-Napoca

Genuine services and finest facilities

We want to offer the finest lodging facilities at affordable rates. Our dedication and attention to details has brought together a committed team that is ready to make your stay comfortable. Featuring an exclusive location amidst nature, Hotel Stil offers a serene setting for any guest to recharge, relax and enjoy the peaceful oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Reliability is a crucial when establishing new relationships. We show our guests they can trust us from the beginning and we constantly try to exceed their expectations. Choosing vendors based on quality rather than quantity also differentiates us from our competitors. Our passion, dedication and daily energy we put into the business has led to long-term trustful relationships with both vendors and customers. We take pride in personalizing our services according to customers’ needs, unveiling flexibility and professionalism at every occasion.
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